Thursday, September 23, 2010

Feeling Melancholy...

No pictures. No messing around with how to place the words. I just needed to type something. First of all, for those who think tweeting is cool. Well, its not. What happened to the mystery in your life and why are you so insecure that you feel everyone needs to know your business 24/7. People can't go to the bathroom anymore without letting their fellow tweet members in on the secret. It's sad and I think those celebrities who have decided to keep their life personal, are also too busy to spend time online tweeting all day. Getting another headline on People magazine may make you famous but does not mean that you are well liked. Nope. No apologies for that one, so sorry to anyone who tweets. Oops.

Seth and I will be reunited once again either Monday or Tuesday of next week. We are excited. I wanted to note that I have several nicknames for him now. In no particular order; baby boop, baby bear, wittle cwitta (little critter), jet puff butt (because he's a cracka), little tinka (stinker), honey bear, poo bear, cowboy, potter, gordon, lova, my little boy, hidalgo, mountain man...and yeah...I think that's it. We will now be living in Rexburg, Idaho for the next year. Seth is back at his old jewelers job and breaking horses. I'm, well...I'm undecided. Translation-I haven't even tried looking for a job and don't seem that I would fit anywhere in Rexburg working. I feel like the misfit toy off of the clamation rudolph the red-nosed reindeer. The only thing I'm excited about is being close to friends and getting (hopefully) back on the improv team. Seth found a puppy for us to get. I want one. But I also want a baby. Did I mention I want a kid? But first I want to enter a sprint triathalon. And then I would like to learn to play the harmonica. No lie.

My life feels like I don't belong anywhere right now and the past month explaining that in more words was hard. Translation- I went to visit my parents in Taber and decided to take a job selling Taber corn on the side of the road wearing a fanny pack. That's been hard. Humbling. Embarassing...but most of all empowering. I'm glad I'm not above it and actually had the physical strength to move those 50 lb. sacks all day. My back kills, my feet hurt, I have dirt under my nails constantly, blisters, calluses, pealing skin, puffed up hands, and throbbing thumb knuckles from all the shucking. Yeah you heard me...'shucking'. I feel like a blue collar worker and actually have felt proud of myself for accomplishing the task. Will I ever do it again? Never. Maybe. I hope not.

Anyways that brings me to Fanny packs. They are actually useful. They carry my float money and when you are working fast its the only way to go. No I did not try to wear it in a fashionable way either. Waste high with five layers of jackets and a puffy purple vest on. I have no winter clothes so I got to wear my Mom's and Ferris's. Also another humbling experience. I have met some very interesting people selling corn. The joke is on them. They think they are dealing with a poor farm girl who is sheltered when really I'm nothing but an A-list undercover celebrity. I wish. Some people get mad, some people swore, but for the most part everyone was full of so much love. There are alot of good people in the world. There are alot of people that Heavenly Father loves. That's alot of love. I can only imagine...just like the John Lennon song. I'm serious too. Not trying to be funny. This post was for me. Sorry but everyone who reads this just got a dish load of the inner workings of my thoughts in no particular order. Which is accurate according to what thought patterns do.
One last thing,...I keep thinking I'm not a good singer and everyone just says I have a 'pleasant okay' voice to apease me. I know I'm no Byonce or Christina. I know I've never landed a singing role in my life, I know my professors used to tell me I'm not a singer, and I also know noone has ever come out and told me that they really think I have a beautiful voice. I also know Satan plays mind games with you. However, its been bugging me so much lately that I want to record myself to judge just how good I am or not good. Maybe then I can lay to rest this internal battle I have about never being able to sing. Okay. I am done.

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Ode to Canashia Day!

July 1st...Canada Day! We don't really know how to rock it like the Yanks but we have a few good things. For instance, ...hmmmm. Okay so....yeah the beaver is pretty cool and we also have a fairly large population of wolves in Northern Canada. You can get poutine (fries and gravy) in Canada...although that's a French dish. Maple syrup is indigenous. Basically, I'm proud to be Canadian and we wanted to celebrate the special day with our friends the Garner girls! Of course there is nothing Canadian about 4th of July in Hawaii, we had to be inventive. Here is my "I love NY" shirt made Canadian style!
Seth wasn't too keen on the idea of dressing the part...
But my good friend Abi (2yrs.) loved it! We fed the ducks at the park...
...and took pictures of baby Bethany (4 months). I love these girls, especially...
Nancy (mum), who displayed the right technique in eating 5$ Subway footlongs as it started to pour down rain. As it can, only in Manoa Valley, Honolulu.
But we gave up and decided to eat our maple syrup sundaes inside. Yup, real maple syrup and man was it mmm-mmm good. I'm taking back the strawberries however; they tasted like how nail polish remover smells. I have a bone to pick with Safeway.
Don't mind the hideous self photo but the real magic happened when Abi got her hands on a sparkler for the first time!
Nancy was so nice to let us help Abi and Seth was doing his best to help Abi not get burned.
Abi mastered the technique while Seth had a few difficulties. He yelped a little, but Abi calmed him down again and was able to point out the key principles to fire safety.
At the end of the day it was just us on the loan island celebrating this magical day. We miss you Canada and just know that we are coming home soon. 
For those of you who don't know the Canadian Anthem here it is. 
"Oh Canada, our home and native land.
True patriot love, in all our sons command.
With glowing hearts we see thee rise,
the true north strong and free.
From far and wide, oh Canada,
we stand on guard for thee.
God keep our land, glorious and free.
Oh Canada, we stand on guard for thee.
Oh Canada, we stand on guard for thee." 
(and at this point many a Canadian have already lit their doobie)

This is another lyrical that I love and I know some of you may appreciate its awkwardness.

"Land of the Silver Birch, home of the Beaver;
Where still the mighty moose wanders at will.
Blue lakes and rocky shores I will return once more.
Boom-did-ee-ah-dah, boom-did-ee-ah-dah, boo-oo-oo-oo-oom."

Sunday, June 27, 2010


Looking over Honolulu on Memorial weekend!
The memorial site had flags on every touching for anyone affiliated with US defense. The next few photos are from my one week trip to Kauai with friends without Seth (wah). But he surprised me with a ticket! What a great guy!

Sunset on west side beach on island of Kauai. It's 18 miles long and we were the only ones there. Britt took this photo right after I got stung by a jellyfish and pain lasted for 12 hours...I was mad but it really was an unforgettable time in Kauai.

We surfed on the clouds during this hike...there was a cliff on both sides. Clouds were moving fast!

Me and this monk seal became great friends. We were at a glass sand beach,...hence the glass in my hand.

One of the most beautiful hikes ever! Waterfall swimming is the best after a four mile hike up Napali coast.

Britt, Kyle, Lana, Justin, and me hiding in the background. Not just saying this cause i'm climatized but it really was cold! My hands were numb and I screamed like a giddy girl when swimming under the waterfall.

That's me...on the right....I swear.

That's definitely not me...we paid for one of his coconuts. That's doesn't sound right. The technique looked crazy though, and he was sweating all over from trying to get up this one.

Enjoying the fresh milk and wishing Seth was there with me to enjoy Kauai. I was imagining he was there.

But then I came back to Oahu and we saw this kick butt toad hissing and blowing up at us outside a friends house. You literally see dead dried up toads everywhere and they are the size of soft balls. This one even got up on his hind legs like he was Karate Kid. Seth kept teasing him and was scared, cause he would hop towards us!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Ode to Alexis
Here is the last picture I took of our family dog Alexis before passed on. She is a pure bred Shelty and probably one of the best friends I ever had. She looks really old here...that's because she was. We got her when I was in grade four and she only died about two weeks ago. Which makes her 17 in human years and 119 in dog years! We loved her dearly, and I think that's why she lived so long. She loved all of us kids no matter what flaws we had and was so forgiving. We could tell her anything and she wouldn't tell a soul...ha. Honestly, she stood for something in our family. My mom says that was our "new beginnings" dog and brought the family together as we started out our new lives in Taber. I love this dog. Here are the top things that I will miss most about Alexis.
1) Chasing us around the house trying to herd us up like sheep.
2) Pawing at mom's bedding as we tried to irritate her by blowing air in her face.
3) Jumping up and catching the tennis ball mid-air.
4) Changing her expression as soon as we changed ours.
5) Freaking out as soon as she her the word "cat" or "bird"
6) Treating everyone in the family just a little bit different than the other.
7) Barking at anyone who dared get into a fight...and it was always the agressor.
8) Liking the dessert plates with left over vanilla icecream.
9) Her stinky breath...maybe I won't miss that.
10) Her pretty sweet eyes that were always willing to please.
She was a very intelligent dog and I can't wait to play with my friend again.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

A Trip Down Memory Lane...

So I thought it would be nice show some wonderful memories of the past. Well, actually let's say just within the last three years since Seth and have been together. So enjoy! Above is a photo of all my parents (yes in the same room) at my graduation dinner in Idaho Falls. We were getting ice cream in a parlor I can't remember the name of. It was actually a blast and Isaac (Seth's brother) was the only Potter missing.

Ode to Comic Frenzy! I love these people, literally, all of them and would do anything to relive some of the most hilarious and dramatic improv moments we had with one another. Yesssssss!

My graduation was probably the happiest I've ever been (besides my wedding) in my whole entire life! I know I've only lived a few short years but to have both my mom and dad there and have everyone just be there for families sake was incredible. Yes...I look like my mother.

Now what can I say about Gibby (my sister's dog). She is a Jack Russel and we dressed her up in her play clothes. Hee hee she has way too much energy for me, but you can't help but fall in love with her.

Seth's pride and joy (I think I come second). This was our brand new truck and we both felt like a million bucks! The shot was taken in front of Seth's family house in Lyman, Wyoming.

Hannah look out! The Potter family have the best definition of fun I've decided. Here Seth's sister Hannah was used as a human bowling ball on a wheelie chair and catipulted into a school of chairs. We could play at Seth's Dad's (Layne) elementary school for hours.

Joanne, Seth's Mom knows how to make her house a home. This is just a shot of the top of their barn.

Okay so this is we have our good friends Riley and Chelsea from Rexburg, Idaho at my surprise Birthday Party at Joe and Bethany Sines' house. Yes they put it on for me...SHOUT OUT! Okay, so while everything was taking place (we were loud) Chelsea was asleep, THE WHOLE TIME! See below for the action that took place on this very special night.

Shiloh dressed up for the crowd...

...and so did Seth.

Then Joseph (Seth's bro) decided to play "Rollin' Dobbies" with Seth on the floor. Can we guess who won? There was so much more, but o so little time.

Yeah, this was Seth's and mine first Christmas together! Little baby Charlie Brown tree and our sad presents. I loved it!

Yeah! Thanksgiving at the Potter's where every dinner is a theme dinner. So Joanne had this politically correct idea of dressing everyone up as Indians and Pilgrims.

More photos outside the Potter house. 

You are the Dancing Queen...Seth and Joe Sines. We had many nights of frivilous activity with the people in Rexburg.

Like this one here. Theme murder mystery party at Marcie and Joseph's. Notice where Joseph's hand is placed. 

We played our characters well. I was a secretive secretary and Seth was a rich business man named Pro. I know this cause he probably said his own name about a billion times during the course of the night.

Ohhh, yes the pantalones. Seth looks great in my eighties pants.

...and so do I! Meet Stacey, my 80's secret identity!

This is Deborah, my arch nemesis and sometimes best friend.

A fruit pizza I made for Seth on his Birthday! I'm not one to brag, but yes this was delicious and yes I'm one to brag.
We like to play the game where you shake your head as hard as you can and take ugly photos of it. Stinking hilarious. These are our friends Cami and Blair Eyre (yes pronouced 'air' it rhymes).
For a creative date, Seth and I went on a canoe trip and ended up in the brush. We are so adventurous!
Seth's graduation!
Playing on our new Mac desktop was hours of endless fun! I can't stop laughing when I look at this photo.
Our first apartment together after we were married. So excited to decorate and Seth was excited to get a sleep in.
I was always kind of a chicken and Seth was so upset with me for not going down this hill faster. I put the brakes on the whole time and was very scared. I miss my orange gloves!
Our honeymoon took place on New Year's and we took this photo. 
Our trip to Waterton in Glacier National Park came to an abrupt stop when my sister Amy accidentally fell in the glacier water. That other guy is BJ a highschool friend from Taber, Canada. I love that we documented it.
Brown chicken brown cow! The Potter brothers at their best climbing the wild mountains of Idaho. From left to right Joseph, Isaac, and Seth.
Oh Adam, how could I forget you! The Potter family went go-karting and they were told that whenever you ran into trouble you were to raise your hand. Adam, literally ran into trouble.
I love my mommy! Oh this was taken right before Seth and I met at a Christmas 2006 in Kewlona, Canada.
Oh, we climbed up to a waterfall called X'tu falls in B.C. Canada at one of my hometowns.
A silly string fight in the Potter's backyard.
One of my favorite rolls in House of Bernarda Alba by Garcia Lorca. I loved my makeup!
Good ol' Seth riding off into the sunset on his Tennesee Walking Horse Kusco. He was the one to brake and train him in Rexburg, Idaho.